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On behalf of mature, accomplished clients, they are searching for candidates of similar qualities for long-term relationships. If that's you, this might be a good time to raise your hand so Professional Matchmakers at work in your area will take notice of you.

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Like doctors…
Professional Matchmakers practice an old skill, but one enhanced by modern data and technology. The services they provide are a combination of a concierge searching for and screening matches for you and a coach mentoring you; because much of finding a great partner is becoming a great partner yourself.

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The clientele…
…of a Professional Matchmaker tends to be mature individuals who know what they want in a partner, and wish to bypass the games and rituals, as well as the deceptions and heartaches of online dating. Each has chosen to engage a professional to help them get directly to the good stuff; a new life with their soulmate.

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Matchmakers invest in you.
It’s common practice for Professional Matchmakers to make the investment of a criminal background check at their expense for each new client. This includes you if you choose to become a client. It also includes the background checks of every match you will be introduced to. I bet that eases your mind.

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Professional Matchmakers generally have local offices and meet every client in person. And of course, the clients you will be introduced to must also be in your area for real live dating to occur (not just chats and FaceTime). Use our search function below to locate one near you.